Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | October 11, 2017

Grow closer in your marriage…


Grow closer in your Marriage


  • Spontaneity

Marriage can be a grind. Jobs, kids, day to day stuff can get in the way of a marriage and the joy a relationship can be.

Be spontaneous with your spouse. Do something crazy. Do something silly. Do it now and do it often. Get yourselves out of the rut.

Dance, sing, tickle each other but above all bring the joy back into your life. If you have kids let them see you a little crazy. Remember when you first were in crazy, I can’t stand to be without you love?

Be crazy in love again.

You can do it you can.

It just takes a little time and spontaneity.

  • Marriage is 24/7

Marriage is an all day, all night thing, an all week thing and including holidays thing.

We live in an increasingly weird and unstable world.

Make your marriage the one place you can find safety and peace.

Keep at your love.

Work at your love.


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