Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | August 21, 2017

A Good Parent Celebrates


A good parent…

Celebrates success and doesn’t hold on to mistakes.

This parenting thing is all about ups and downs.

One minute you so excited that you’re little one is taking their first step. Then the next thing you know they are mobile and knocking things off all the shelves.

You love that they start talking but are crazy when they won’t stop.

You like that they love to color but not on the walls.

We as humans have a tendency toward remembering the bad stuff and forgetting the good.

Hold on to the good that children do. Revel in all of their accomplishments and victories.

Remember them and repeat them to your kids as they grow.

They are good because you are good and above all God created them good.

Check what God said in Genesis chapters one and two. Your kids need to be reminded of the good they have brought into the world by just being who they are. You know and I know that the rest of the world is a mean and nasty place and family might be the only place they here about the good.

Sure they will make mistakes. But don’t we all?

Love them and nurture them with good positive reinforcements and celebrate their successes.

Here is the entire list:

A good parent…


  1. Is available.
  2. Is loving but firm.
  3. Is willing to ask for help.
  4. Is the grownup not a friend.
  5. Loves without conditions.
  6. Is consistent.
  7. Has a plan.
  8. Takes care of their kids needs, they know their kids needs.
  9. Celebrates success and doesn’t hold to hurts and mistakes.
  10. Is not afraid to admit mistakes and move on.

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