Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | August 9, 2017

Marriage a Master’s Degree.



Marriage is a continuing education.

Just when you think you have it figured out there will always be another lesson to learn and subject to master.

  • Understand this from the beginning.

You must become an expert in your marriage and that only comes by do your best to learn. You have to get a master’s degree in your spouse. Your marriage calls for a higher education degree.You cannot get by in your marriage with just a high school education.

  • The learning will never stop. 

Your marriage goes through changes and seasons. you have to educate yourself to meet the needs of those changes.

From being a newlywed, to parenthood, to job transitions, middle age and empty nests all need a new way of dealing and a new learning curve.

  • Become a master by studying your spouse and your situation.  

Know yourself and your own changes.

Never stop learning, moving forward and improving yourself and your marital relationship.

  • Be an expert in your marriage.

Get a masters degree in the knowledge of your spouse.

Getting a PHD wouldn’t be bad either. Being a “Doctor of Love” sounds good, doesn’t it?



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