Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | August 8, 2017

A Good Parent Point, Has a Plan


A Good parent …

Has a plan.

A good parent has a plan. At least they should have.

Now I’ll give you an “oops we’re pregnant”. I have two children that way. Having the kids might not have been part of the immediate plan. But children were always part of the plan. They were weren’t they?

Being a parent and becoming a parent are all part of a plan, your plan and God’s plan.

Growing up and becoming mature individuals doesn’t just happen. You as a parent have to be a dynamic part of this nurturing process.

You have to make decisions, change behaviors and schedules to meet the needs of your young growing kiddos.

You have to make choices about bedtimes and homework and what you need to nourish your children emotionally, spiritually as well as nutritionally.

You want the best for your kids so make plans.

Yes stuff happens that you never planned for but you have to have the basic down with a plan put into effect for the stuff you can expect.

Moms are good at this that’s why they carry big purses.

So where are the emergency phone numbers? Where are the band-aids?

What’s the plan when Junior wants to get his driver’s license? What happens when sally wants to date?

Parents have a plan what is yours?

Here’s the whole list:

A good parent…

  1. Is available.
  2. Is loving but firm.
  3. Is willing to ask for help.
  4. Is the grownup not a friend?
  5. Loves without conditions.
  6. Is consistent.
  7. Has a plan.
  8. Takes care of their kids needs, they know their kids needs.
  9. Celebrates success and doesn’t hold to hurts and mistakes.
  10. Is not afraid to admit mistakes and move on.

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