Posted by: frankjwalker | July 24, 2017

Summer Boredom


It’s happening somewhere, someplace a kid is saying, “I’m bored”. Its funny kids are bored while at school, yet bored during the summer too. Very few things seem to engage our kids anymore. We are all too quickly bored.

Cecil Beaton, a British designer, said, “Perhaps the world’s second worst crime is boredom.  The first is being a bore.”

Most times it’s not a parent’s job to solve the boredom problem for their kids. Let the kids be bored for a while. Whatever happened to the long leisure summers where kids had fun doing nothing? Whatever happened to daydreaming and kids imagination? Your children don’t need to be entertained all the time. They need to entertain themselves.

Here’s the problem if you allow yourself to be bored, you actually become a bore. Nobody likes a bore. Boredom and being a bore brings everyone down.
To eliminate you boredom you have to change your state of mind.

Try these things to eliminate boredom:

Get out of the house.

What’s going on in the neighborhood? There is a big world out there, check it out. It’s hot so what, its summer it’s supposed to be hot. Freeze a water bottle and bring it along.

Get up and move around.

Get the blood flowing and stimulate your muscles and your brain. Get off the couch and away from those gadgets.

Change your space.

Move the furniture. Put your bed in a different place. See your space in a new way. Get rid of the clutter. Just little changes can eliminate boredom.


Helping others is a terrific antidote to the boredom. Hey, what about helping around the church? Doing for others can give you a boost you might need.

Change the schedule.

Eat breakfast for dinner. Go out of your way to make the day different. Be in charge of your day. Don’t just let things happen.


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  1. Interesting, because my mum would always tell us when we were young that it was good to be bored. She thought boredom would inspire us to be creative and play imaginary games. I

  2. saying, “I’m bored”, was an invitation to giving my kids extra chores, all those dreadful ones, like cleaning the shower, or the oven, or more yard work!!! It still really sets me off when people choose to make that exclamation!

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