Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | July 19, 2017

Life Lessons Part One


Life lessons:

Here are thoughts on life and living.

  1. Time passes quickly.

    1. Make every moment count. Count every moment.
    2. Keep a diary, journal, take pictures, notice your world and celebrate your life now.
  2. Take care of your body.

    1. Your body is the only one you have.
    2. Treat it right.
    3. Feed it, exercise it and stimulate it emotionally, spiritually and mentally.
    4. You can do it.
    5. You have to.
  3. Old dogs do learn new tricks.

    1. This life thing is a constantly evolving and learning thing.
    2. You learned a lot from your past.
    3. That’s wisdom.
    4. There is a lot more in your future.
    5. Use what you know to face what will come.
    6. Learn new tricks and find new treats.
  4. Beauty fades.

    1. Beauty doesn’t last.
    2. But other things grow.
    3. Personality, talents, character all take time to grow and mature.
    4. Good wine takes time.
  5. Friendships grow.

    1. Be with your friends.
    2. Nurture your friendships.
    3. Build new ones.

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