Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | July 11, 2017

Summer is Story Time


Story Telling

Its summer, it’s hot, the nights are long and it’s the perfect time to slow down a bit, to tell the stories about your family.

I truly believe in sharing family stories and through the telling of those stories cementing family bonds and traditions.

We all need to know and understand our part in this evolving story we call family. Here are some stories that you have already shared yet haven’t talked about for awhile and need to again.

  • Your Love Story:

Do your children know how you met your spouse and how you fell in love?

Have you talked about your wedding?

Have you talked about what attracted you to your spouse and how you have kept your love alive until now?

This story is important to your family.

It establishes your views on love and models what they can expect in their own search for companionship.

The love you have for your spouse is a first glimpse your kids have of the love God has for them.

Get out the wedding pictures and share your love.

  • Your Family Stories:

You need to share your family history with your children.

They need to be proud of the heritage that has been handed down through the generations.

They need to know who else has freckles in the family and where their big ears came from.

They need to know about the accomplishments people in the family have made.

If you don’t know the stories do some research, make it a family project. Kids today need to be connected to their culture, family and their place in the story.

  • Your Faith Story:

Most important are the stories of your journey with God.

They need to know why you are a Christian.

They need to know the choices you made to come to a belief in God’s saving grace.

Your kids need to know the faith they share with the generations that have gone on before you.


So this summer take time sharing your family’s stories.

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  1. Summer is on its way, so storytelling it will be

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