Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | June 23, 2017

Part Five, Ease Depression…


Depression and anxiety are the most diagnosed mental health issue.

Many of us have dealt with depression on a short-term basis. . If depression becomes chronic it is well advised to get the help of a professional counselor or medical doctor.

Here are a few ideas to deal with the slumps that depression can cause

Be pro-active in dealing with your depressed mood.



  • Avoid drugs and alcohol.

Hard drugs, soft drugs and prescription drugs all can have an effect on your mood. Be diligent in your intake and use of any substances.

  • Stick to treatments.

If you’re taking a medication or going for counseling stick with the routine. Medications help, they really do. Just you’re feeling good doesn’t mean you should stop taking them. Ask your doctor but keep on your meds.

If you’re seeing a counselor stay with it. Together you and your counselor should make the decision to end your sessions. Leave the door open so you can return when you feel the need for more counseling help.





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