Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | June 20, 2017

Part Two, Ease Depression…


Depression and anxiety are the most diagnosed mental health issue.

Many of us have dealt with depression on a short-term basis. If depression becomes chronic it is well advised to get the help of a professional counselor or medical doctor.

Here are a few ideas to deal with the slumps that depression can cause

Be pro-active in dealing with your depressed mood.

  • Treat pain.

If you are hurting deal with the pain. Too many times we just hang in there with aches and pains that can be treated. See the dentist, doctor or witch doctor. Get help for your pain.

  • Exercise

Exercise any exercise can help get you out of your slump. Exercise raises all the feel-good stuff in your brain and lasts longer than drugs and substances. You look better and feel better after you exercise. Take a walk with the pet you have after the suggestion above.

  • Exercise with others.

Even better than exercising alone is to exercise with a group. They encourage, prompt and challenge you to get out there and move. Plus, friends that exercise together have tendency to be really good friends and adds to your feelings of wellbeing.






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