Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | June 8, 2017

Part Two, Stuff you can do to change your life…

Part Two:

Stuff you can do to change your life.




  1. Don’t smoke.

Need I say more.

With all we know about tobacco I am surprised to see people are still smoking.

  1. If you drink, be moderate.

There is a point when you can go too far.

You know your limits, stay within them.

Don’t kid yourself.

Drinking in excess doesn’t cover up a bad day, a bad date or a bad mate.

  1. Have a system for your media consumption.

Media, media and more media.

Have a plan for all that media stuff. Use your DVR, your filters and maybe even time yourself.

Don’t be overwhelmed by all the data that comes into your life.

Control it and yourself. Hey, have a little discipline.

4. Know what’s important and do only the important stuff.

Easier said than done.

But keep at the stuff that really matters.

Important stuff is hard to do.

Sometimes we like to do the things that are easy but in the long run not worth it.

  1. Make a list.

To prioritize you need to make a list.

Do a list of tasks for your day, week and month.

Put it on your smartphone, write it on paper but get in the habit of making lists.

Cross things off as you go and celebrate getting things done on your list.

  1. Plan, but not too much.

Have a plan and follow the plan.

But leave some wiggle room for the unexpected.

You know that things happen. You have to have a plan B, just in case things don’t work out the way your thought.

The plan is where you’re going.

Make sure it’s measurable and attainable.

  1. Wake up early.

Remember the early bird and the worm?

Get up early and start your day with a good breakfast and a plan for your day.

Don’t rush yourself.

Getting up a little earlier can help ease in to your day.

Go to bed early too.

  1. Don’t be a slave to email.

You can drown in emails.

Have a plan for email viewing.

File stuff for later and unsubscribe what isn’t really important.

Don’t go down the email rabbit hole. You may never come back.

  1. Do what’s important.

Eliminate what’s unimportant.

Being busy does not mean it’s important.


Check out the next set of ideas for stuff that can change your life.


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