Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | May 23, 2017

Food Relationships…



Food habits and food relationships.

We need to understand our relationship to food and how it affects us in so many ways. Here are some thoughts about food. Food for thought if you will allow.

  • Physical

Food is a basic to survival, the body has a need for food, the body needs fuel, food is fuel, the body needs the right types and varieties of fuel. Treat your food as fuel like putting gas in the tank of your car.

The better the food the better the mileage for you and your body.

  • Sensual

Eating is a sense experience, smell, texture, taste and sight/look.

Engage all of your senses in eating. Spices, heat, cold, texture, crunch, crisp, plating,

  • Psychological

There is a psychological issue with food, from childhood memories, both positive and negative, parents and family all are a part of our eating history.

The abundance and or lack of foods and certain food experiences affect how and why we eat.

Food is a comfort, provides satisfaction, and an escape, overeating provides solace and comfort in place of some loss in life, birthdays, holidays, family days are all connected to food memories both positive and negative.

If you know your eating past and family experiences with food you can have a better understanding of why you eat.

  • Spiritual

There is a major theme that runs through scripture about food and food ceremony. The command in the garden, the command to Noah, the Passover meal.

Jesus at the wedding. Jesus concern for the food needs of those he healed. Jesus eating and drinking with the disciples and the feast of the last supper. Jesus providing food after His resurrection,

Food is sacramental. Bread and wine as symbols.

If we treat food as God has meant it for us then we can better control our urges and diet. God wants us to eat and to enjoy our food.

When we treat food as a gift from God we can avoid overeating and are relationship to the food we eat.


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