Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | May 12, 2017

Bedroom Rules 3

rules in the bedroom 2


Five Rules for the Bedroom

Here are the rules I think you should keep in your “adult married” bedroom.

These are physical rules and they don’t deal with whatever happens between you and your spouse when you are in the bedroom. Maybe I will deal with that later.

Sometimes your bedroom, the “master bedroom”, becomes command center for the entire household. The master bedroom, your bedroom becomes the hospital, business center, counseling room, time out room and theater all in one.

It is my goal to suggest that your bedroom become what it is really intended for.

Here are five suggestions/rules that you might try.

No T.V. in the bedroom.

T.V. can be such a distraction in the bedroom.

First, the T.V. can really damage your sleep patterns. The blue light from the tube messes with your circadian rhythms.

The light from your T.V. signals the brain that it is day time. You want to go to sleep not stay awake so get rid of the tube. There is nothing on the T.V. that’s worth the loss of a good night’s sleep.

In fact, you should probably shut down the T.V. viewing way before you get in bed.

Especially don’t watch the nightly news. It will just upset you and give you nightmares.

Second, the T.V. can be a distraction from your love making.

Lovemaking is so much more important than the latest episode of CSI, The Walking Dead or anything else. It really is.

Plus, you know as well as I do T.V. is addicting and you can go way past your needed time for sleep. Time flies watching the big black box.

Plus, you don’t want to be glancing over at the tube while you’re “involved”.

Get that T.V. thing out of your bedroom.


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