Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | April 23, 2017

Diet the Original Sin


Diet the Original Sin

I think the tree of forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden was a chocolate tree or a French fry tree or a pizza tree.

I know it sounds funny but it is the same issue/problem we as good Christians are facing today in our own management of food and eating in the way God wants.

God told Adam and Eve here is a world of good stuff to eat. Good stuff for your mind and body. “But you can’t eat the bad stuff, the stuff from these two trees”.

God has given us the same world and the same choice. There is a world of good stuff out there for us to eat except from the See’s candy tree or whatever is your forbidden fruit. Some of us even have a forest of forbidden fruits. All of us have the same decision that Adam and Eve had to make. We have to not eat of the forbidden fruit. Whatever the forbidden fruit may be in your life.

We live in a Garden of Eden with all things available to us but not all things worthwhile.

So, the sin is that we think we know better, better even than God.

So, we eat what God doesn’t want us to and then hide from God when He comes around. We cover ourselves not with grape leaves but stretchy pants and baggy clothes.

We hope God doesn’t notice what we really look like when we are naked and ashamed.

But here is the great difference for us. We have a second chance, a third, a fourth and beyond chance. We will not be kicked out of the Garden of Eden.

But the choice is the same we can’t eat the forbidden fruit.

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