Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | April 17, 2017

Marriage Resources


marriage advice


Marriage Resources:

Here is a list of resources that I recommend to the couples that come to me for counseling.

The key here is positive websites and books that support marriage.

There are far too many sites and commentaries that bash marriage and put down those of us that are married.

Add these sites to your online reading.

Surround yourself with marriage positive influences and mentors.

Marriage Bogs and Websites:

  •  Crosswalk

Crosswalk is a solid resource for Christians wanting to know the latest in Christian news, the best in spiritual guidance and resources for church leadership.

There are a variety of outstanding articles and podcasts written by today’s contemporary church leaders and thinkers.

  • Growthtrac

Jim and Shari Mueller provide a wealth of marriage and family advice.

From the Growthtrac site:

“Our world cannot settle simply for “good” marriages. Marriages can and must grow into great marriages.

With the right support, strength, and resources, every marriage can become the exhilarating, rich union God intended. Those marriages can change the world”.

That’s the passion that these two have to offer you”.

  • Focus on the Family

Dr. James Dobson has been a long time veteran in promoting Christian principles and values in Marriage.

Check the depth of subjects covered at this site and in their archives.

Dobson and his staff have brought together some of the finest work in practical marriage and family advice and counsel.

This site is a definitive first line resource for family valued information and support.

  • Family Dynamics Institute

Family Dynamics Institute promotes positive marriage and family resources through speakers, workshops, courses and online resources.

Check out their large library of resources.

  • Family Life

Family Life is an extensive marriage and family resource. Radio programs, book publishing, online classes and workshops are just a few of the media choices on the site.

There is a wealth of information available on their site from pre-marital counseling, family concerns and support and information for every phase a marriage and family might encounter.

Family Life is a go to center for solid Christian guidance and is a highly recommended source of information.

  • Simple Marriage

Dr. Cory Allen author of:

Buck Naked Marriage

A Simple Marriage

I can’t endorse Dr. Cory enough. I listen to his webcast Sexy Marriage Radio (listed below) and follow his blog religiously.

Dr. Cory Allan gives a fresh and honest view of marriage with a Christian perspective.

  • Sexy Marriage Radio

Don’t let the title of this webcast throw you. Dr. Allan’s believes that our marriages need to be sexy to be fulfilling and intimacy in marriage combats the negative stereotypes that the world gives lifelong marriage.

The shows are co-hosted by Shannon Etheridge an award winning author and marriage intimacy advocate.

Cory and Shannon challenge married couples to bring integrity and joy to their married lives.

“Heat Up Your Marriage Intimacy with Straight Talk & Real Answers for Great Married Sex Now”.

  • Hot, Holy and Humorous

“Sex and Marriage by God’s Design”

J. Parker is a great writer, with a wealth of insight into the world of sacred marriage and intimacy issues.

She is not afraid to share openly about Christian married sex. Her frankness sometimes makes me blush.

But her frank and practical commentaries are important in this sex crazy world we live in.

She has stated that within the sacred bonds of marriage is your personal amusement park.

Follow her weekly blog and become inspired to reignite your marriage.


Here are a few of the books I recommend to couples interested in deepening their marriage relationship.

All of them have good solid advice for couples and well worth your time.

  • Read any of these books together with your spouse.

  • Use them as a guide in the couple’s ministry at your church.

  • Share them with couples you know who need to be uplifted in their marriage.

Find them on line or at your favorite Christian book store

Sacred Marriage– Gary Thomas

Hidden Keys of Loving, Lasting Marriage– Gary Smalley

Love is a Decision– Gary Smalley

***The Five Love Languages– Gary Chapman, Highly Recommended

Turn Up the Heat: A Couples Guide to Intimacy– Dr. Kevin Lehman

Sex Begins in the Kitchen– Dr. Kevin Lehman

Crazy Good Sex-Les and Lesley Parrot

Sex Savvy- J. Parker


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  1. That is awesome. There is far too much negativity about marriage, no wonder it’s on the decline. The flip side of that is that people these days also have unrealistic expectations, as if marriage is supposed to make them feel fulfilled, gloriously happy all the time. It’s like one extreme or the other. I spend a lot of time trying to talk about the benefits of marriage, because it is a goal worth pursuing and there are so many benefits.

    • Wow. You are so right. Thank you for the comment. I have been married for 42 years and still learning and loving.

Thank you

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