Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | March 29, 2017

Failure To Try



Failure to try is the biggest Failure.

It is all about giving it a try.

Try the new vegetable.

Try the new restaurant.

Try on some new clothes.

“You just don’t know until you try it”,Grandma said that and it is good advice.

Too many times we our prejudices and our preconceived notions about things get in the way of experiencing life.

A full life.

OK, so maybe skydiving, bungee jumping and fire walking aren’t your thing.

But there is a whole lot of world out there that is ready to be explored “if”, you give it a try.

Hey and there is nothing wrong with failing. that only tells you that things weren’t meant to be. Move on to something else.

Try something else.

Don’t get caught in the greatest failure by not trying.


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