Posted by: frankjwalker | March 23, 2017

Love 41


OK, so I added a couple extra days.

Day 41

1 Corinthians 13:7

…hopes all things…


One of the key ingredients I deal with in therapy sessions is hope.

People come to me with a hope that things will change; things can be different. If doesn’t matter what people are dealing with, my first job is to help provide a basis for hope. If things are hopeless then people give up, walk, or run away. They run away physically or emotionally. They take drugs, they drink they wall themselves away so they will not hurt any longer.

So we make lists, we talk about possibilities, we dream dreams together, we try to find a basis for hope.

If there is any tiny bit of hope we build on it, fan it into a flame. We can warm ourselves in almost any situation with the hope of change and overcoming.

Our love of God, family, and loved ones is a place to start in building hope.

A hope based on love will provide the courage to endure and hold out. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring. But we stand in our hope that all things will change and be renewed. Our God is a God of hope. Our God is a God of renewal. Our God is a God of the resurrection.

In that knowledge we can, through love, hope all things.


  1. Look out into the near future. What can you build your hope on?

  2. It can be just small things. Knowing that the bills are being paid, knowing that the wounds will heal and knowing that the new day can provide a new start are just what you need to have hope.

  3. Know this that in your weakness God is strong.


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