Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | March 21, 2017

Love 39


Day 39

Proverbs 10:12

…but love covers all transgressions.


So somebody has done you “wrong”. Yes, they did you down and dirty wrong.

That wrong hurt you and you may never get over it. Can you get over the wrong? How long will you let the wrong hurt you? Will you let your anger and hurt go? Some people carry their pains and misery to their graves, never reconciling, never forgiving. What about you? Are you going to be bitter, angry, and resentful for the rest of your life?

What about that love thing? Will the love that you have cover over the wrong that has been done to you?

You can change; you really can. Love is a powerful tool that can change your whole outlook. Love true isn’t powered by your own will and will power. You need to tap into a higher sort of love, God love. God loves you despite (you fill in the blank). We are fallible, incomplete creatures that except for God’s love for us would be lost. I’m not talking a lost here on earth kind of lost. A lost my car keys kind of lost. I’m talking about a going to hell for eternity kind of lost. You remember hell don’t you? Why would you go to hell? Because we are all sinners and all of us are without an excuse or defense.

God loves us despite our sins.

Can we ask any more for those that sin against us? It doesn’t matter if those who have done you wrong change or not. The real change that needs to be done is self-change and that is the change that only you can do.

That acid resentment in your belly only hurts you.

Bask in the love of God and let His love cover up the transgressions that have been done to you.


  1. Another list. Who have you written out of your life because of past hurts and wrongs done to you? Make a list of those names.

  2. Forgive them. Yes really forgive them. Do it for your own well-being.

  3. If you can make amends with them. Make contact.

  4. Change your heart. Soften your anger. Give it over to God.



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