Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | March 8, 2017

Love 30


Day 30

Galatians 5:13

…but through love serve one another…


God wants the good life for us.

He wants us to have a nice home, to meet the guy or girl of our dreams, have a family, and to live happily ever after. But none of that good stuff means anything if there is no love to back it up.

Your home should be a place of hospitality and refuge for family, friends, and neighbors.

Your cares should fulfill the God given gifts you have. Your life goals should provide for the nurturing and growth of your family. The stuff is just stuff, and means nothing if it does not reflect the love and caring we have for family and friends.

We are constantly seduced by a world that tells us we need more, bigger, faster, shinier, and the newest stuff, that somehow we will be fulfilled and satisfied with just a little more.

When we pass away, will people talk about your stuff or how good, decent, and kind you were? Our true value to people is not in the stuff but in who we are. This life is about how much of ourselves we gave to people. Things fall apart and break down. The memories and experiences you have with people last forever.

God wants the best for us; God wants to comfort us and from the comfort of God’s love we can share love with others.


  1. What are you worth? Add it all up investments, property, annuities, stocks and bonds. What is it all worth? Impressive or maybe not.

  2. Now ask what am I worth? Add up family, friends and acquaintances. What are those flesh and blood, people stuff worth to you?

  3. Is there an imbalance in your life? Things vs. people. Stuff vs. relationships.


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