Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | March 6, 2017

Love 28


Day 28

1 Corinthians 13:1

…but do not have love…


Someone once said “It’s not about winning or losing, but it’s about the love of the game”.

You have to love what you’re doing or it becomes just a drag, drudgery.

Many people think that they want to be a pro-athlete or rock star so they can make a lot of money. If money is the goal, then buy lottery tickets.

Being an athlete, rock star, doctor, or lawyer involves a lifestyle of hard work and commitment. It involves a love for the profession even if there aren’t many rewards.

If you’re into it for glory and the pride of position pride but don’t like what you’re doing, then get out of the game.

Find something you truly love and do it with your whole heart and soul. That heart and soul stuff is where God wants you to be.

Not making a lot of money or getting a lot of “props” for what you’re doing, so what? If you’re loving what you’re doing and finding fulfillment in what you’re doing, than what greater reward is there?

Use your God given talents and love the game.

All the glamour, glitter, and money won’t make up for not liking what you’re doing. If you don’t love it, it isn’t worth it.


  1. Feel stuck? Ask yourself why? Come up with a plan B.

  2. Make the change. Go back to school, do some research. Look around. It’s a big world out there and there is a place for you.

  3. If you can’t make the move, for whatever reason, find something to do that makes you come alive. Find a hobby, task, a group or place that makes you feel good about who you are and what you are. God made you for a purpose. Find that purpose and fall in love with your life.


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