Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | March 5, 2017

So what is a Christian Counselor?




The Christian Therapist

I’m a therapist who is a Christian. I believe and use the Bible as a basis for most of my counseling.

However, I also recognize that we humans are products of these three things our environments, our genetic makeup and our spiritual nature.

The complexity of our human brain, the environmental factors that play on our individual personalities, and the social and culture impact on our lives suggest that mental health cannot be reduced to black and white issues.

Christian therapists operate from somewhere in a middle ground, the bio/psycho/social/spiritual model, which considers both our common dignity and the human tendency to sin.

Secular research has a lot to offer in understanding mental illness and we cannot discard many secular treatments.

The use of secular therapy treatments is not inherently wrong; just as going to a doctor does not undermine our belief in God’s hand in our healing. However the over-reliance on these techniques can be wrong.

Through my training in psychotherapy I received the experience to understand complexities of our human makeup. This has given me a better framework for understanding and prayerfully helping my clients.

However, not providing my clients with skills learned outside the biblical framework that may help alleviate their psychological distress is also not good stewardship of our knowledge.

The goal in my counseling using the Bible is to come alongside someone who is struggling and to apply the principles in God’s Word in a way that the person responds in a godly way to the problems they are facing.


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