Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | February 28, 2017

Love 24


Day 24

Matthew 24:12

Because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love will grow cold.


Love is supposed to be hot, well at least warm.

Certainly not lukewarm (Read Revelation 3:15-16). The warmth of love is what keeps us going.

But it’s a mean and nasty world out there.

People are becoming cold and hard hearted, because of the meanness of this life. You can see this hardness happening in our school yards, in our workplaces, and neighborhoods. People have had to toughen their hides to survive in this increasingly lawless land.

Kids can endure the bully at school if they know there is love and support for them when they get home.

If there is a mom and dad at home to give that support, much time parents are too busy or too self-involved. Many times parents are fighting the same battles as their children and cannot provide a role model for success.

A husband or wife can make it in the cutthroat world of business if they can have the protection of a loving home to come to after a day in the trenches.

But in this maddening overtaxed world we live in, couples rarely sit down for meals together. Time shared together is a rare commodity.

Parents, spouses, families make an effort to fight against your hearts becoming cold.

Slow down, take time to listen, talk and communicate. Rekindle your love before it’s all but lost. Spend time, not money, with those you love. The world out there is cold, nasty, and a lawless place. Provide a safe haven of warm love for your spouse and family. That warmth comes from a loving heart.


  1. Examine the time you spend with your spouse and family. How much of it is real quality time. Watching TV together doesn’t count.

  2. Plan for ways that you can sneak family time into your busy week.

  3. What can you eliminate or reschedule to have quality time for your loved ones.

  4. You want to build a quantity of quality time with the people that matter to you.


This is an excerpt from my book,


A 30 Day Biblical Approach to Love

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