Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | February 27, 2017

Love 23


Day 23

Proverbs 10:12

…But love covers all transgressions.


Everyone sing along with the Beatles song, “Love, love, love”. All you need is love; it’s as simple as that right?

Not quite. There are two parts to this love thing, the lover and the loved, the transgressor and the transgressee ( Is that a word?).

Yes, your love for your children will cover a lot of kid mistakes and immaturity. Yes, your love for your spouse will cover over a lot of bumps in the road to marital bliss.

But there is the other side to consider. What if you’re the transgressor? What if you have done the wrong?

Your friend, parent, or lover can just about love you to death. But, if you don’t stop, give that love back, mature, change, and repent it is all for naught.

Love is a powerful medicine; it can soothe, heal, and transform. If you accept it, take it, and return the love you received, you can be healed. That’s a big “if” though, because accepting the love also calls for change.

You have to change.

Transgressions must end and wrongs repaired. Yes, all we need is love and that love covers over much wrong. But love also calls for a deeper commitment to change on our part. That’s where the hard work and the growth begin.

  1. The opposite of love is hate. Hate is a strong word. To love really love you have to put away the hate.

  2. What anger, strife and junk is messing with the true love you need and want to give. Identify it and work to get rid of it.

  3. Cling to those around you that love you. Identify those that love and care for you. Count your blessings.

  4. Let their love heal. Accept that you are lovable and build from there.


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A 30 Day Biblical Approach to Love

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