Posted by: frankjwalker | February 17, 2017

Love 17


Day 17

1 John 3:11

For this is the message which you have heard from the beginning that we should love one another.

Herein lies the difference. What do you believe to be the purpose of mankind? One, the world’s scientific biological view or two, the faith based view of a God created world?

Science teaches that man evolved into the complicated organism he is today through continuous violent clashes in a fight for survival.

Man’s very existence involved chances, adaption, tenacity, and in the end a murderous hunger for resources and sustenance.

This blood bathed theory of evolution has little place for love as all bonds of human interaction are tied to survival of the human species.

God creation, on the other hand celebrates a completely different view of mankind and its purpose on this planet.

In a God creation we are called to love one another and in turn love the one who created us. Our whole existence on earth is based on the love of the creator for this creation.

Yes, from almost the beginning of this God creation there has been bloodshed, wars, and violence. However, always in this God based vision of mankind is the hope of a return to the beginning the love for and of creation.

So there are the differences and the choices. God purposed or man proposed. Your choice.

This is an excerpt from my book,


A 30 Day Biblical Approach to Love


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