Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | February 12, 2017

Complacency the Biggest Danger in Marriage.


Complacency the Biggest Danger in Marriage.



You know what I’m talking about.

Just settling for the same old same old. That can be the same dinner menu, the daily grind, the required goodbye kiss and the obligatory sex.

Fight complacency. Get out of your rut.

Spice your meals up and your love life.

Turn the music up loud and do something different.

Complacency will kill you and your marriage.

Give yourself and your relationships CPR.


  • Make the choice to change. It can only happen if you do it.

  • Do something different. Go to work a different way.

  • Move the furniture around in the house. It will give you a new perspective.

  • Try a new food.

  • Go to bed earlier.

  • Get up earlier. This will mean you have to do the above.

  • Buy some new clothes. No money, go to a second-hand store.

  • Smile more. Force it until it’s a habit.

  • Hug and kiss more. Make out like you did when you first met. Try it.

  • Paint the bedroom.

  • Light some candles.


Do something to get out of the doldrums that you are in.

Light a fire under your relationship.

Do it before it’s too late and you will never get out of the rut.

The rut becomes a canyon and ultimately a grave.



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