Posted by: frankjwalker | February 9, 2017

Love 11


Day 11

Song of Solomon 8:6

Love is as strong as death…


You know the old saying “There is nothing certain except death and taxes”.

What Solomon, the philosopher King adds to that list is love. Real love, true love, unconditional love, however you look at it love; love is as powerful as death itself.

However love has the opposite power of death; Love provides life, a full life.

For that matter, the love that one person has for another outlasts even death.

A true love for family, a spouse, or friends can have effects through generations.

That love can stand as a model and be reproduced over and over.

Love is strong stuff that can stand in the face of death and even taxes.


  1. What are the love stories in your family? Who were the lovers that the family talks about and recalls?

  2. Who is a model of love for you?


This is an excerpt from my book,


A 30 Day Biblical Approach to Love

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  1. Thanks for all you’ve done for Tim!

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