Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | February 2, 2017

Love 6


Day 6

Proverbs 20:13

Do not love sleep…


You need sleep; don’t get the writer of proverbs wrong.

Eight hours of good sleep are necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

But that leaves 16 hours of wide awake, do what you’re supposed to do time. In fact, a fully active day can guarantee a good night’s sleep.

Sleep is a necessity but not an escape.

I’m sorry but whatever is out there that you want to avoid is not going away when you sleep.

Closing your eyes does not make problems or concerns vanish. Ignoring the problems often times just make matters worse.

Short naps can rejuvenate you, but the emphasis is on short naps. Understand lounging around in bed on a rainy day can be fun occasionally. But we were made by God for the each day’s responsibilities. God created us to do stuff, check out Genesis 2:15. Even in paradise there was work. We have got God stuff to do and people depending on us.

Excessive need for sleep can be a sign of medical and mental health issues. Check with your doctor.

We have 24 hours in our day; use that God given time wisely.


  1. Do you keep a daily’ to do’ list? Try it.

  2. What are your goals for the year, month and day? Make goals and objectives to measure your success.

  3. God expects us to grow and change. Get to it.


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