Posted by: frankjwalker | January 24, 2017

There are no warm ups…



There are no warm ups.

Your’e in this life. Your’e living it right here and now.

Today this day is your life. no matter how much you want to deny it this is it.

This is the life you are living.

There are warm ups, try outs or returns on the life you have right now.

So what are you going to do about your life?

Keep at what your’e doing? Change your course and move in another direction?  Sit there and let others make the decision for you?

Start right now to live your life with a renewed vigor.

Even if you have the perfect life , you know that changes can be made to make things even better.

If your stuck in a life that is far from perfect, you have what it takes to turn things around.

Take the steps no matter how small to change and better yourself.

Things aren’t going to change unless you make the changes.

There are no warm ups or do overs.



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