Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | January 8, 2017

Why I can’t go to therapy. Excuses for not going to counseling. ****Second biggest view from 2017


Why I can’t go to therapy.

Excuses for not going to counseling.


So something’s not right in your life. Relationships are a mess, you feel down in the dumps and things just aren’t working out.

Maybe you should talk to somebody, maybe even a professional.

But who wants to go to a therapist?

Listen I understand and I appreciate your reasons for not calling a therapist. In fact I have listed some of the excuses that people use to avoid seeking help.

Let’s go over some of them and let me try to persuade you to get the help you need.

  • Therapy costs too much.

Yes, I get it coming in for counseling will cost money.

But these costs are manageable, really. Think of counseling as an investment in your life.

Therapy is usually short term 12 sessions or less. If therapy helps you get back on track and resolves your hassles the expense is worth it.  

 Understand that it’s OK to make an investment in you, your marriage and your relationships. There are major benefits when you invest in your life with therapy, for you, your spouse and your family.

What is a better life worth to you?

  • We can fix it ourselves.

If you could have fixed your problems in your life and marriage by yourself, you would have.

Yes I know. You thought you could handle the problem yourselves.

Sometimes things just get out of control and you need the help of a neutral person like a therapist to help you.

Therapy provides a safe place to share and a person that can see things from a different perspective.

Therapists have been trained to deal with the stuff you have been going through.

  • It takes too much time.

 Most therapy is short term. You are in charge of the therapy. It will take as long as you need to get where you want.

Usually therapy last about 12 sessions.

Understand therapy is about you and your needs. The therapist will adjust the number of sessions to meet your needs.

  • All therapy does is talk about the past.

Sometimes the past is where it all started and you might need to talk about the past. But the focus of therapy is the present and what brought you there in the first place.

Therapy deals with specific problems and the solutions to those problems.

  • Someone might find out.

Therapy is all about confidentiality. In fact the therapist is under state law to protect your records and your identity. There are exceptions such as if you tell me are going to hurt yourself. The therapist will talk to you about those exceptions when you start therapy.

Now you can share as little or as much as you want about what happens in therapy with your family and friends. That’s up to you. The therapist can help you decide when and where to share with people outside your sessions.

But remember the therapist will always keep things confidential.

  • It’s none of your business.

That’s right it is none of the therapist’s business. It’s your business. But sometimes you need a therapist with expertise to help you improve your business.

Therapy provides a place for you to straighten out the stuff that’s going wrong in your business.

  • I don’t trust this therapy stuff.

People get the wrong idea about therapy. In their minds they see a room with a couch and a guy with a chin beard taking notes.

Modern therapy is not just listening. Therapist’s help set goals, teach, provide tools to help with your problems and even give homework assignments. Therapy is very pro-active.

You are not alone and many people have gone to therapy to get help.

There is no couch in my office.

  • It’s painful.

Yes therapy can be painful. But is carrying the pain around with you everyday worth it not to seek help from a therapist?

Breaking your leg is painful. Is it worth walking around on a broken leg if the doctor might cause a little more pain to fix your leg? The doctor will set the leg so that it will heal properly.

Therapy might hurt but therapy also helps heal the pain you’re feeling and helps you reduce  pain you might have in the future.

  • My problem is too big.


Going to therapy is all about finding solutions and providing hope. There is no problem that is too big that therapy cannot help reduce some of the pain and suffering.

Just the act of talking to a neutral person can be the answer to what your need. Therapists can have a different perspective on what’s going on and can help you see your way out of your problems.

It is never too late to get help.

Give yourself and therapy a chance.

  • Therapy is just for crazy people.


I really don’t work with “crazy” people. Crazy people are scary and I would send them out to a place that deals with craziness. That’s not to say I don’t work with people that have some crazy ideas and thoughts.

Know this; therapy is for normal, ordinary folks just like you. In therapy we deal with everyday issues like stress, relationship hassles, everyday bumps in the road and the hurtful stuff that is getting in the way of being a better you.

People that seek therapy are pretty normal. The people that don’t seek help might be the  crazy ones.


There are probably many more excuses for not doing this therapy work. At least give me a call and let’s talk about what you need and if therapy can work for you.

***Is there something deeper going on here?


What is really keeping you away from counseling? Is there guilt, or shame or even pride in your life that is keeping you away from feeling better and more in control of your life?

You really need to do what needs to be done to get your life back. Therapy is worth the time and effort it really is.

Contact me through this site or at:

Frank Walker LMFT


1617 Main Street

Cambria, Ca 92348

Thank you

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