Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | January 7, 2017

5 Complaints married couples have about sex… Most Viewed Blog of 2016

sex complaints


Sex complaints of married couples.

Sex just saying the word causes all kinds of emotions both good, bad and indifferent for married.

Every married couple wants the best in the bedroom but often enough sexual intimacy comes up wanting.

Here is a list of some of the complaints I have come across in counseling and some possible solutions.

Please understand that this is not a comprehensive list and only touches on some simple solutions. If sexual intimacy is a problem in your marriage seek help. Take the steps you need to renew and strengthen your marriage.

  • Mismatched desires.

High desires and low desires spouses are a big issue with couples.

Honest open talk, understanding and sharing can ease the tensions that often occur in the bedroom.

Get the help you need by talking with a professional.

  • Performance issues

Guys worry about this the most. But women have problems in this area as well.

There can be physical, emotional and spiritual baggage involved with this issue.

See a doctor. Seek counseling.

Be open about your past sex experiences and your needs and desires.

  • Need to spice things up

Spice in the bedroom comes from passion for one another. Spice sometimes wanes as a marriage matures. But it can be rekindled and renewed.

Fall in love again.

Yes, things have changed, you are older and but wiser.

Sex does get and can get better with age.

Be the spice in your sex life.

  • Partner not interested.

Sometimes interest in the bedroom wanes.

Ask what your part is in the problem.

What has brought you to this place?

Change what needs to change and get the help you need when you hit a wall.

Sexual intimacy is vital to your marriage. Don’t put it on a shelf and ignore the lack of sex in your marriage.

Understand too that sex is not all about time in bed. Sex is about loving 24/7 in all situations.

Begin by renewing the romance you once had with your spouse.

When talking to couples about sex many times I hear, “What sex?” More and more couples are friends, partners, roommates and less about lovers.

Sexual intimacy is the glue that keeps a marriage humming, running, ticking and going.

Please understand this a guy talking from a guy’s perspective. I know some women out there are shutting down and muttering under their breath.

I understand that but give me a chance.

Sexual intimacy is more than orgasm and climax. Touch, hugging, kissing, breathing together, and holding each other is what it’s about. This therapy, “skin therapy” is what is important to your marriage. Sex should never be the focus of “sex”. Oneness, togetherness, emotional, spiritual unity is what this intimacy is all about.

You married that person for more than sex stuff. You married for that life together forever stuff.




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  1. A lovely read and a nice change. People all over have accepted this sexless marriage movement. I wholeheartedly disagree with that garbage. It’s the one sure way to connect to your person that nobody else can.

Thank you

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