Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | December 28, 2016

Help with the New Year…



Help for those New Year’s Resolutions.

Here are 10 easy tips to really meet your goals in 2017:

  • Write them down.

Putting something down on paper or digitally will help make your resolution real. Put your goals out there where you can see them.

  • Fewer is better.

Don’t try to do everything at once. Take small steps. Do a few things well.

  • Tell someone.

Tell someone that will help you stay accountable. Better yet have a partner that will share your goals. Do it together.

  • Keep track of your progress.

Keep track of where you are going. Write your progress down.

  • Give yourself a prize for meeting goals.

Celebrate. Even the small victories.

  • Be optimistic. It’s all about attitude and mindset.

Quit your cussing and gripping. This is all about self-improvement. You will be a better person when you reach your goals. Think of how good you will feel. Be positive.

  • Be ready for bumps and setbacks. But keep at it.

You might fall a couple of times. But get back up and get back on course. Expect some setbacks and keep on going.

  • Be flexible.

Don’t be too set in your ways that you can’t compromise or change directions. As long as your headed in the right way keep going.

  • Measure by months and years.

You are in this for the long run. Have the long range goal in mind. Yes, it can be a daily grind. But have a mental picture of your finished goals.

  • Every day is a new beginning.

Take each day as it comes. Review your goals daily and start fresh. Long term goals are accomplished with daily victories.

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