Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | December 27, 2016

Couples Sex Complaints.



Some Sex Complaints of Married Couples:

  • Mismatched desires.

A key to all marriages is communication. Sexual intimacy is the closest form of communication. Yet, people are just too intimidated to frankly and openly discuss their sexual wants and desires.

Understand that sex isn’t just intercourse. There is so much more to your sex life than sex.


  • Performance issues.

This is both a guy and girl issue. Get the medical and psychological help you need. Sometimes these issues can be solved when you look at lifestyle choices that you can change. Diet, sleep, exercise are a few areas to explore when performance in the bedroom is a problem.


  • Need to spice things up.

Yes, over the years your sex life can lose its flavor. You may need a little spice to warm things up. But first take some time to ask why. Is the lack of spicy-ness a you, me or us problem?

Understand what you are talking about when you want to spice things up. Know each other’s boundaries and desires.

The right time, the right mood and the right place might be a start in spicing things up for your sex life.


  • Partner not interested.

There are several reasons for lack of interest in intimacy. Stress, anxiety, medications and poor sleep are just a few reasons. There can be physical and emotional reasons too. Do some research and consider professional counseling to get some insight to the problem.


  • Lower sex drive.

Many things can affect our sex drives.

Children, age, time of the month, stress, illness, business are all just a small part of a bigger picture when it comes to sexual intimacy. Take a few moments to really figure all this out. Be honest with your spouse and be proactive in your intimate life together.

  • Sexless Marriage


Believe it or not sexless marriages are out there. A Psychology Today survey found 15%- 20% of marriages were sexless or nearly sexless.

Marriages can survive without sex. However, couples are missing out on a truly wonderful God given expression of love when they forgo sexual intimacy.



Sexless marriages

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Sexless marriage is surprisingly common.



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