Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | December 26, 2016

Ideas for the New Year…



My ideas for New Year’s resolutions.

None of these are really very hard. Give them a try.


  • Get 8 hours of quality sleep. Go to bed earlier, each night, really.

  • Eat a good breakfast; get fuel in your tank each morning.

  • Drink more water. 8 glasses a day. Your body is about 86%. Most of us are dehydrated a lot of the time.

  • Take a 15 minute walk every day. At least get out in the sun. You’re too pale.

  • Make your lunch, include a healthy mid-day snack. Save money, stay away from the junk food.

  • Get up 15 minutes earlier each day. Don’t rush into the day.

  • Read from God’s word daily. (Here’s a plug for my book A Word from the Word)

  • Take more naps. Yes, naps are good for you. Ask your kindergarten teacher.

  • Learn something. Get those brain cells moving.

  • Pray more play more. You have been too serious, so relax a bit this year. Put the serious stuff in God’s hands.

  • Write a note to a loved one once a week. Don’t text or Facebook, write. People will be surprised and delighted.

  • Go on dates with your spouse, plan weekly, and maybe a monthly get away.


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  1. Kinder kids don’t get to nap any more!:(

Thank you

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