Posted by: frankjwalker | December 19, 2016

Reduce Holiday Tensions…



How to Reduce Family Tension During the Holidays


  • Prioritize your activities. But leave some room for unplanned activities. Give yourself some wiggle room.

  • Stick by your decisions. Let your no be no.

  • Face the reality that you can’t do it all—no one can. Even if you think you can you can’t. So go with that.

  • Schedule some time for yourself—even if it’s much more limited than usual.

  • Be realistic about your time and energy. The holidays can get crazy.

  • Leave some time for relaxation.

  • It’s okay if you or your spouse are tired. Know that you will be and take a rest.

  • Love starts in the kitchen, in the laundry room, in the living room. That’s where the real love happens. Show your love in what you do.

  • Look for ways to do something nice.

  • Give compliments. Finding the good goes a long way in making the holiday special.

  • If you have holiday traditions stick to them. If you don’t have any start some.

  • “Snuggle,” this holiday season. With your spouse with your kids. It’s cold outside and a good excuse for human contact.

  • Don’t forget the Christmas music and movies. Some of it is corny but can be an important part of your holiday traditions.

  • Eating too many rich foods and too many sweets, along with eating way too much, can also affect mood. Watch yourself. Don’t let overeating be the reason for a lousy season.


  • Get outside for a walk with family and friends. Don’t let the weather keep you indoors. Bundle up and enjoy the cold season.

  • Keep your sense of humor and try not to take everything your spouse does personally.

  • Go for a walk or ride to see the Christmas decorations. It’s a free way to celebrate.

  • Cut your spouse and the kids some slack during this stressful time.


  • Look for things to talk and laugh about together.



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