Posted by: frankjwalker | December 12, 2016

Real Christmas Gifts For Her…



Real Gifts for Your Wife This Christmas

Husbands, your wife wants more from you this Christmas. Gifts are great but the gift of you and your attention is what she really wants.

Here are a few ideas you need to be aware of.

 They may not cost much but they can go a long way in making this a very Merry Christmas for you and your wife.

  • Show your spouse attention, give her affection, praise her and be romantic. Make her feel special.
  • When you talk with her get personal and share your own feelings.
  • She wants your full attention when she is talking with you.  Put down the remote and controller and listen. Tape the game and watch it later.
  • Plan some alone time with her.  Get a babysitter and go out and see the Holiday lights. Share Holiday memories and be together. Make new memories.
  • Help out around the house.  Preferably without being asked. You know what needs to be done. But if you are not sure, ask what you can do. Then do it.
  • Pick-up after yourself.  This is so big in a relationship and especially at the holidays. There is a lot of pressure and stress. Don’t add to it with your stuff laying around.
  • Take care of yourself.  Shower, shave and get your holiday look on. Make yourself presentable and desirable.
  • The holidays are a great time for intimacy. But make your wife feel like she is desired and loved before you tumble into bed.
  • Love making starts in the kitchen and laundry room and when the trash is taken out.
  • Compliment her more, tell her she is beautiful and mean it, romance her.
  • Help out more with the kids.  Get them out of the house for a while. Give your wife a break.
  • Be less negative.  Don’t be the Scrooge that ruins the Holidays for your wife and family. Find the good and be the good for the season.
  • Be the spiritual leader in our home this Holiday season.  Take the initiative to show the real reason for the season. Be the Godly leader you were meant to be.
  • The Holidays are all about loving, good cheer and tenderness.  Show those things to your wife. Make your wife feel special. Touch more, love more and snuggle more.
  • But don’t do this with the idea that it will lead to something else.

Do these things because you love your wife and want to be close to her. Bring her joy and good cheer this holiday.


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