Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | December 8, 2016

Keep It Simple…



Keep It Simple

We have a tendency to go overboard every Christmas season.

No matter what we tell ourselves beforehand, we always go one step over the line in our purchases. We believe that the gifts we give somehow prove our love.

The more stuff I buy for you the more I love you.

That is so far from the truth in any healthy relationship.

If your spouse is in it for the gifts you’re in real trouble and need to have some serious discussions.

Quality time is the key to any relationship and it is the greatest gift any of us could give in this crazy world that demands so much from us.

Quality time means no agenda, no stuff to do just being with one another.

Sitting still and having a genuine conversation with friends and relatives is the real stuff the holidays are meant for.

This time of year is meant to build memories. You can’t buy memories. You make them by investing yourself in intimate sharing and conversations.

Do you have holiday traditions?

If you do have traditions continue them afresh this year. If you don’t have traditions, start some. Make, and share a favorite recipe, read the Christmas story from the Bible together, carol through the neighborhood, or play an old fashioned board game. Make the festivities of the holidays the most important thing. The gifts always should have been secondary, anyway, to your friendships.

This year maybe you really can’t afford the stuff. 

However, what you can’t afford to miss is the gift of time with your family this year.

*** Note husbands don’t use this article as an excuse for not getting her a present. A well thought out gift is still important. She doesn’t want the world and you can’t afford it anyway. She wants your attention.     


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