Posted by: frankjwalker | November 8, 2016

Reasons Marriages End 2



6 Reasons Marriages End.


This is my addition to a post by Brittany Wong at Huffington post. I took her list and added my own remarks. there are six points. Check them out as a I blog.


2. There is too much communication.


Sometimes you need a break from each other. This isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes familiarity breeds contempt. Many times we are just too open with who we are. Be a little secretive in your life. Secrets are sexy.

Here are some hints:

  • Leave the bathroom door closed when you use it. Sometimes we are too open with our private stuff. There is magic happening in the bathroom when ladies do all their lady stuff. Keep your man in the dark about all you do to be beautiful.

The same goes for guys. She doesn’t need to see you doing what you do in the bathroom.

  • Dress in private. Don’t walk around in the all together all the time. Leave some things to the imagination.

Being in the altogether can be enticing but leave that for special times. Keep your spouse in suspense.

  • Get dressed and be presentable. Nobody really wants to see you with it all hanging out. Comb your hair, get dressed and look your best. It’s good for them and you.


Check out the next blog in one week for number three on this list.




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