Posted by: frankjwalker | November 7, 2016

Reasons Marriages End 1



6 Reasons Marriages End.

This is my addition to a post by Brittany Wong on Huffington Post. I took her list and added my own remarks.

  1. You stopped being curious about each other.


One of the things that you need to understand about your partner is that they are an unfinished story.

It should take a lifetime to know them, to really know them.

When your curiosity has stopped, you are in trouble.

One, because you have not done the work you need to do in the relationship.

You need to investigate and coax new possibilities in your spouse.

Two, you may be part of the problem yourself.

If you are the one who has become stale in your relationship, wake up and become alluring to your partner.

There is more to you and your partner become fascinating to each other again.

Get you and your spouse out of the slump you are in.

Change yourself and your relationship.


Check out the next blog for number 2 on this list.


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