Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | October 25, 2016

10 Ways to Have Love that lasts…

love that lasts

A Love That Lasts:

  1. Requires Work. 

    Married folks have to realize that this thing called love just doesn’t happen. It requires some work and nurturing.

    Love needs commitment and is in it for the long hall.There is no escape hatch or no get out of jail card in the game of love.

    Like a flower garden your love has to be tended. Weeds have to be pulled and a little fertilizer has to be added.

    Love can be and is beautiful but it can be messy too.You have to be willing to get your hands dirty. You have to be willing to put in the work needed to keep your love growing.

  2. Is a Daily Decision.

    Everyday is not going to be sunshine and rainbows in your marriage.

    Sometimes it is all about just making it through the day. But it’s those daily decisions that make a marriage last.

    Decide today to love today.The nest day too.

  3. Understands Growth and Change.

    Love matures and grows throughout the marriage seasons.

    The honeymoon was great. But it can’t always be a honeymoon.

    Like fine wine a marriage can and should get better with age.

    You are not the same person you were in Junior High. You will and should change as you grow and learn.

    That’s what’s exciting about marriage you grow and change for the better together.

    Here is something that is important about love and loving. Love that last also expects and encourages change.

  4. Knows that people are not perfect.

    Nobody’s perfect. Mistakes will be made.

    The dinner might get burned, the trash might not get taken out and things will be said in the heat of the moment that weren’t meant to be said.

    But your love overcomes all the bad stuff and your love covers your flaws and your spouse’s imperfections.

    Love forgives, learns from mistakes and moves on.

  5. Holds up.

    Love holds up and love doesn’t hold down.

    You are a team and it’s all about the team. Wear your team colors and cheer for your team. When the team is down pick them up again.

    Love holds on, holds up and holds out.

  6. Is Selfless.

    Love is all about the we and the us.

    “What’s in it for me?”, should never be an expectation or desire in a marriage.

    Love gives without expectations and perceived rewards.

    Love is all about the two becoming one. The Genesis stuff.

  7. Has Boundaries. 

    You need to maintain friendships and relationships outside the your marriage. These relationships can enhance and benefit  you and your marriage.

    However, you have to maintain boundaries when it comes to intrusions that come with outside relationships.

    Protect your marriage from the things and people who can pull you apart.

    Set some boundaries to protect you.

  8. Is skin and bones, sweat and tears,  and hugs and kisses.

    Love is all about real life, love is not a fantasy.Love can be and is fantastic.

    It is about to people trying to get along when times are tough.

    But love has to be based in the reality that stuff happens and there are going to be bumps in the road.

    Know the reality of living and loving together.

  9. Is Healing.

    Love is about being in unison and harmony together. You may be the opposite of the person you married but that’s what makes you work together.

    Your strengths work in conjunction with your spouses strengths.

    Your love brought you two together to scratch each others itches, to kiss each others boo boos and patch each other up when you fall.

    Your love is the healing balm that makes life together worthwhile.

  10. Is about Head, Heart and Spirit.

    Love is about Balance.

    Love can be emotions and feelings. Your love can be all warm fuzzies and wonderment.

    Love can also be practical down to earth stuff. Love can also be heavenly and out of this world fantastic stuff.

    Love, your love is about good and bad, happy and sad.

    Live your love in balance,head, heart and spirit.

    Embrace it all.

    Above all the greatest is love. (Cor. 13)



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