Posted by: frankjwalker | October 21, 2016

Open the Door

open the door

Open the Door.

OK, so you don’t know what’s behind the door or what’s outside the door.

You wont know unless you open the door.

Good bad or indifferent you won’t know what’s behind the door.

So open the door.

Yes, there could be monsters behind that door. Hey, there could be a whole world of Munchkins and the Wizard of Oz too.

You never know unless you open the door.

Too many people never make the choice to open the door.

Fear, uncertainty, or down right laziness has stalled too many peoples lives to go through the door.

Understand  this. There will be more doors to be opened.

The doors come with different names. It could high school, college, marriage, parenthood or a new job.

Each door opens up to a whole new world.

Know this. You have to open the door to get to those new places.

You can’t stand behind the door.

So again, grab the handle and open the door.


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