Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | October 18, 2016

The Best Things…



The best things are never things.

Life is all about people and places and rarely about things.

Things cover you, get you there and provide some bling.

However, things really don’t give anything back in return except the fleeting emotions of new and different. The feelings rarely last and often depress when the “new” wares off.

Places are nice but only when you can share them with people.

Even when you want to be by yourself and all alone it is so much better to be able to relate being alone to being with others.

But understand it’s people who acknowledge you, lift you and give you meaning and purpose. 

You could go to the most beautiful place in the world but until you share that experience with others it’s unfulfilling. We want to tell others and share the experiences of place.

Talking about, writing about and sharing pictures of the places you’ve been is a big part of the experience of place.

It’s people that give legitimacy to the experience of place.

Things are a cool way of getting you to people or places.

But things are just that things. 

Invest in people and experiences with people not things.


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