Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | October 14, 2016

Have it your way…

your way..

What if you could really have it your way?


If I were the president, if I were the NFL Commissioner, if I was the king of the world then….


We all had those dreams as kids, ” If only…”.

But your a big kid now and guess what you are not the king of the world.

However, you do have power and influence right where you are.

Your little kingdom, no matter how small it may be is under your control.

So take control. Be the ruler of your world and do what needs to be done.

Take charge and get a handle on things.

If your kingdom is your bedroom, then make it the best bedroom you can within your means.

You have much more control over things than you think you have.

Figure out what is under your influence and take charge of those things.

With power comes responsibility.

Be responsible and show responsibility for your world.

There are a lot of things that you could have your way.

There is a lot that comes with having things your way including letting others have their way too.

Know when to give and to take. Learn to negotiate in your kingdom.

Know what responsibilities come with power you have been given.


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