Posted by: frankjwalker | September 27, 2016

Life Happens Outside Your Windows…

life happens outside your window


Life Happens Outside Your Windows.


I know that behind the closed doors of your home things are familiar and comfortable.

You feel safe and the world is scary out there.

Who wants to go outside anyway? You can just look out the window and see the crazy stuff that’s happening out “there”.

So you settle in, hunker down and stay behind your closed and locked doors.

Who needs to go out anyway? You have your TV and computer. You can even have everything delivered if you wanted to.

Why take a chance outside, you’re safe and sound inside, behind closed doors?

But you can’t stay in your house. You really can’t.

Life is happening outside your house, outside your windows.

There is pain, misery and sorrow out there.

But that’s where real living is.

There is also joy, happiness and excitement out there too.

You have to go beyond the little world of your house.

You have to get out there to meet and greet, what the world has to offer. It can offer an awful lot too, it really can.

Things like companionship, relationships, friendships  and even love are outside your windows waiting for you.

Take a chance and get out there.

There is a great big, crazy, wonderful world outside your window.

People out there are waiting for a person, just like you. They need you and you need them.

Take a chance and take a step beyond your closed doors.

Real life is happening  just outside your windows.

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Cambria, Ca. 93428


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