Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | September 20, 2016

Buttered Popcorn…

life is not popcorn



Theater Popcorn

I love to get a bag or box of popcorn at the theater.

Just a couple weeks ago my wife and I were at the counter of the theater. The counter girl asked what size.

We looked at each other a little greedy and said a medium with butter of course. I’ll admit it I would have gone with a large.

In the theater, I usually hold the bag and my wife reaches over to help herself.

Sharing popcorn can be romantic. Butter kisses are great too.

A movie without popcorn would not be a good movie to us.

But life can’t always be theater popcorn. Even if it was it would get boring after a while. It really would!

Just the fact that we are at the theater for this special occasion makes the popcorn taste even better.

Sometimes we expect life to be buttered popcorn all the time.  We look to be entertained, surprised and catered to all the time.

But it can’t be so and won’t be so.

So understand this.

Much of life is just life, moving along and getting by. There are moments of exclamation and moments that are assume.  But most of the time there are just plain old things that need to be done and must be done.

The dishes need to be cleaned up, the lawn needs to be mowed and most Mondays you have to get back to the job.

But understand that’s OK too.

So cherish the holidays, celebrate the special days when they come and make time for theater popcorn.

It makes the mundane, normal days all the more bearable.

So make certain days special.

Plan for those times that make life better.

Look forward to reasons for celebration. Birthdays, holidays, Fridays and just a few times to celebrate and make life better.

Hold on to the special times and enjoy.

Try butter kisses too!


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    • But it’s worth it.

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