Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | July 14, 2016

You have it all…

having it all


You have it all…

You have it all, you really do.

It may not be the latest or newest or biggest or coolest, but you have the stuff that will make you happy and fulfilled.

You really do.

You have friends, family and a roof over your head.

The clothes you have might not be the latest fashion, but you can stay warm and covered with what you have in the closet.

You have all you need and probably more.

Don’t let the world dictate what is important in your life. Don’t let your TV, the internet or whatever tell you what you need.

You don’t need to buy $150.00 jeans with fashionable holes in the knees. Why I bet if you look around in your closet you would find jeans that already have holes in them. Holes that you made from wearing them.

Look around you.

Look at your life and all you already have.

You are blessed and you really don’t need any more stuff.

You need more love, friendship and understanding, everyone needs more of that.

But you can’t buy those things.

Love is free.

Friendships are free.

Recognize that you really do have it all.


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