Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | July 11, 2016

Let Go Of Today…


Let go of today…

We carry unnecessary stuff with us.

Unnecessary physical, emotional and spiritual stuff that loads us down, often times holds us back and presses us down. To the point many times where we can’t move in any direction at all from the load we carry.

Our houses are full of junk that we don’t need now and never really needed to begin with. That thing we bought was supposed to save time, money and headaches but in the end is just a headache. It never really worked the way it was supposed to. So there it is we still have it, along with so much other stuff we never really use.

But we hold on to the stuff because you just never know or it could be used “someday”. Someday never comes and the stuff gets shoved into the back of the closet or garage just to be covered with dust and just to bog you down.

Get rid of the stuff. Throw it away, give it away just get rid of it. Feel the wonder of an uncluttered life.

Our minds are filled with clutter and unused stuff too. Old psychic wounds and stuff that really doesn’t mean anything anymore. Except we hold on to it because the junk, the old clutter, has become our identity. Teasing that happened on the playground. Wrong things that were said by family and friends. Beliefs that really in the end have never panned out and mean nothing to us in the here and now.

They are all there in the back of our mind in a file we keep opening.  We keep all that negative stuff and remember it like old friends. We use the mind clutter as proof that we are a sham and living a life that may be a lie.

Spiritual junk has piled up in our souls too. Sins and wrongs we have done in the past have clouded our view of our true selves. We, all of us are sinners yet forgiven. We are flawed beings that are growing and changing for the better. Guilt has it’s place. But guilt can hold us back from being truly who God wants us to be.

You need to start getting rid of the excess baggage in all the areas of your life. Give it away or throw it away, but let it go.

The junk in your heart, soul, mind and garage is holding you back.

Don’t put the task of de-cluttering your life off another day.

Do it today.

Maybe just a little at a time but begin the process of clearing out your life.

Problems with a cluttered life? Need help? Call, write or email me.

Frank J Walker LMFT

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