Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | June 30, 2016

Keep On…


Keep On Keeping On

So much of getting by in life is just plugging along.

Moving forward. One step at a time. Crawling if you have to.

The key is the “keeping on”.

Yes, I recommend stopping and smelling the roses every once in a while.

But the whole meaning in life is making progress, moving, getting somewhere.

Life is all about change and growing.  And can I say this? Its’ all about maturing and growing up.

So many people are just stuck, in a place, a time, a condition, an attitude and aren’t going anywhere. 

The answer to many of life’s problems is just to get moving. 

So don’t just stand there scratching your head, get moving.

Keep on. 

Then keep on, keeping on.


I understand that circumstances and “stuff” might be keeping you down. I know that some of this is out of your control. Maybe it’s time to seek help and get help.

Talk to someone. Get the help you need.

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Frank J Walker LMFT

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