Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | June 23, 2016

Be a Friend…

be a friend

Be A Friend

There is a lot of responsibility to being a friend.

The most important thing you can do if you truly want to be a friend, a real “friend” is to simply be there.

Knowing someone is there is one of the greatest things when a person is in need.

A friend can be in another state or country but the knowledge that you as a friend are there can do wonders. A friend is just a phone call, a text, a plane trip away and a true friend will be there.

Being there is all about support, understanding and lifting up.

One of the first things I do in therapy with individuals and couples is to ask about a person’s friendships and support systems.

People that have good friendships can make greater strides toward healthy living because of what friendships can do to help.

If you don’t have friends or not enough good friends nurture them.

If you are a friend be the kind that can be counted on.

Get a friend and be a friend.

Hey, in case your interested wrote a book all about freindship. You can preview it at the site listed below.

It might make a great gift for that special friend.

Frank J Walker LMFT

1617 Main Street

Cambria, Ca. 93428


Frank’s books are available @



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