Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | May 24, 2016

Relationship Advice:Love can do no Wrong


Romans 13:10

Love does no wrong…

I’m not so sure you could argue this verse in a court of law. Love drives some people crazy. Nutty stuff happens when people are in love. Love can cause pain, misery, sleepless nights and sweaty palms.

People jump off bridges and do drugs when love goes wrong. Wars are fought because of love and love gone wrong.

So this is the point of this verse; true love doesn’t cause bad things to happen. Lives driven by true love stay on the right road; there may be a few bumps and detours but love always rights itself. If you’re thinking about robbing a bank, shooting yourself or someone else all in the name of love, then that isn’t love, my friend. You have something else and that something else is going to hurt you and a lot of other people too. You need to re-examine your thoughts about love. What it is and what it isn’t. Know the difference. As Paul says, “love does no wrong”.

  1. There are a whole lot of love songs out there that talk about how much love hurts. Can you name a few of those heartbreak songs?
  2. Please understand this. Love can hurt. We hurt when the ones we love are sick and in pain. We hurt when loved ones go away or move. That kind of love hurting is not wrong. Because we hurt with the ones we love.
  3. Love that is wrong is possessive, merciless and mean spirited. Wrong love denies rights and advocates revenge. Wrong love can breed insanity and depravity.


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