Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | May 20, 2016

… You Matter…

like you matter

You matter.

You matter. You really do. You were put here on this planet for something special.

Believe it.

So start acting like you matter. Start right now.

Stand up straight. Take a deep breath and be who your were meant to be.

Hey, stop with the excuses.

We have heard it before.

You are not your excuses.

There are no excuses for not being what you are meant to be.

Be what you were meant to be, it’s that simple.

Persons, places and things can’t stop you.

You matter despite all those things.

In fact those things, those obstacles, those troubles make you all the more unique.

Right here and now start living like you matter.

Know that you matter.


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Cambria, Ca. 93428


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