Posted by: frankjwalker | May 18, 2016

Love can be hard on you.

love can be hard on you

Sometimes love can be hard on you.

The picture above is of a well-loved Teddy Bear.

It has been through a lot and the wear and tear of this little guy is proof of the love and importance it was in a child’s life.

Love is all about being worn out and used up.

A Teddy Bear left in its gift box does nobody any good. Yes, it is pristine and new but so what?

Teddy Bears are made for hugging, squeezing, wrestling, bed time and adventures.

With all the love that a little child gives comes some worn off fur, missing parts and wear. All of that loving is worth it for the Teddy Bear and the child.

Your love for your spouse should look a bit like a well-loved Teddy Bear.

Bumped and bruised a bit but loved in the end.

Sometimes love can be hard on you but your loving and being loved  is well worth it.

Even if a little fur is rubbed off in the process.


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